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Re: Exception! GEMS-1-12-1-1

I reloaded the database after deleting from "Connect to Database" and still the exception warning came up when using 1-12-3.  No Exception warnng with 1-12-1.  Took  the check mark away from "Set for Election, Cards Printed and Cards Layed Out".  The odd thing was the Memory Card and Catchers mitt ikons remained coloured after opening it up for revision.  I thought there was something wrong with the way it was set up so I started deleting.  I deleted the Voter Groups, still Exception,  deleted the headers, no luck,  deleted the Counter Groups, the headers and still the exception warning appeared.  Deleted the reportunits and finally deleted all the districts except Jurisdiction wide.  There was nothing left to delete and still could not get rid of the Exception warning
Started redoing the election from the beginning in 1-12-3.  The same exception warning appeared when creating the reportunits and again when dragging them into the districts. 
Should I delete GEMS and reload with the 1-11-2 CD?  If so, do I put all the databases that I want to keep on floppy before I uninstall and reinstall?
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From: Ken Clark
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Sent: September 30, 1999 7:42 PM
Subject: RE: Exception! GEMS-1-12-1-1

Re load your 1-11 database in 1.12.2, as was explained.
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From: Greg Forsythe [mailto:gfglobal@earthlink.net]
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 1999 1:44 AM
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Subject: Exception! GEMS-1-12-1-1

After entering password "Exception OK" appears.   Repeatedly clicking OK has no effect.  Clicking some of the other headings allows entry into the drop down menus.  Clicking the download and upload ikon brings back the EXCEPTION.  Must click "X" in top right corner to terminate.
I will reload 1-12-1