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RE: AVTS-3-10-4, Gems-1-12-2, & El Paso, Texas

> Hi Ken,
> Two quick questions:

Support list guys.

> 1) How do I disable the English-Spanish from the AVTS unit and only have
> the 2 options of English or Spanish??

Un-check the AccuVote-TS button in the Language dialog for English-Spanish.
That's the theory anyway. :-)

> 2) There is only one Vote Center with all Precincts for all AVTS  units.
>  Can I create one master disk and have Rodney copy this disk for all 130
> AVTS units, or do I have to create 130 separate disks??

130 disks.  Otherwise, how do you know which disks have not been counted at
the end of the election?

Make sure to affix the label that gets printed out to each disk.  BTW,
downloading 130 disks is not any more difficult than copying 130 disks.
3.10.x TS can now download multiple floppies to one machine.  Just say "yes"
to download another, and insert the next floppy.  You can queue up multiple
memory cards on the GEMS side.

Are there really 130 AccuVotes in one location though?  That sounds unusual.
If there is more than one location, then you should set up one vote center
for each of those locations.

Let me know if you have problems bumping the "number of memory cards" to
large numbers.  The AccuVote only supports 99 machines in one VCenter, and
GEMS until the 1-12-3 release limited it to 10.  Larger numbers never really
made sense for the AV.  I can loose the limitation if there really are more
than 99 machines in one VCenter, but that would surprise me.