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RE: 32 k Memory Cards

Customers with 32 k Cards on hand ordering more Accu-Votes will be getting 128 k Cards and mixing them with the 32 k Cards.
What are the considerations if the 32k and the 128 k Cards are mixed?
There are none if:
  • You were happy with 32k cards in the first place (all vote centers fit in 32k), and
  • You are running 1.94x.
If you actually need >32k cards because of split precincts etc, then of course you will need to keep track of which are which in a mixed environment, just like now. 
It is safe to assume that 1.94x will be widely available by the time we run out of 32k cards.  If you are not running 1.94x, then copying memory cards will be a bit more of a pain, but thats the only problem.