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Re: How stable is AV1.94w/1.94f! ?

"Ian S. Piper" wrote:
I'm not aware of any bugs that require fixing in these versions.  The only thing that may needed to be added to them is the "128KB Memory Card One Pass Copy".

  Right.  Ingrid, the "128K Memcard Card One Pass Copy" is becoming important because we can no longer source 32K memory cards and therefore will be shipping 128K memory cards for new orders.  Currently the firmware requires 4 passes to copy a 128K memory card but with the visible light readers, the Accu-Votes have enough RAM to do the copy in one pass.

  If your customers have an adequate supply of 32K memory cards, then this is not an issue.

  Ian, Nel has agreed to run some tests on a 1.94x Beta ROM that will include the one-pass copy feature.  Would you like me to send you the Beta release code to run some tests there?