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RE: AccuVote-TS Modem Speed

There was an answer to this question a couple of weeks back (response is attached).  What ratio are you guys using?  80 phone lines doesn't sound very practical, but then I have been amazed before.
Once we start getting into those kinds of numbers I think we have to start to seriously think about using some kind of service provider.
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I know we're 2400 baud with AccuVote, what is the tramsit speed for the AccuVote-TS?  If it is 14.4 or something, can we up our normal 10 to 1 ratio of telephone lines to polling places?  Any thoughts.  The proposal we're working on now would require about 80 phone lines.
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Unfortunately there is no way for the modem to tell the Accu-Vote to back off so if it can't handle that rate, it'll drop data that the Accu-Vote will have to resend.  I'll just have to run tests and see.  At worst we should be able to run at 9600 bps.


Moving to TCP in 2.0 will help this a lot, since TCP has its own "flow control" mechanism.   As Guy says, we'll know more once this is ready.  Everyone in development understands the marketing difficulty in explaining that we use 2400 baud modems, and we'll do our best to increase the number at least on paper (if not in reality).  Understand though that modem upload is dominated by set up and break down time -- increasing the baud rate will not improve anything technically for normal sized vote centers.



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