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Re: El Paso Co Test election

Just to give you an update - we will lay out ballot next week -  10 precincts -  10 acuvote OS  2 AVTS  for early
don;t have details on races etc but I am going to concentrate on getting art done and to printer then worry about AVTS  layout - I will setup the Gems 1.10.3 and AVTS  3-5-3 to test on my laptop -  I may need some input as to what specific files I need to set this up - ie Reports 196?  and AVTS  tesxt files-
I would greatly appreciate a list with requisite passwords -that are need ed and any other special instructions I need to know -  I would appreciate input from JEFF since he is running it now -  plan to set up tonite and test this week and weekend -  to get set for next week
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Normally details about individual elections aren't posted to the support list;  the list would get pretty busy come election time otherwise.  However, in the case of this summer's AccuVote-TS elections, it is probably a good idea to do what Tari is doing here.  Posting AccuVote-TS election details to the support list will help us prioritize feature implementation.  In the worst case you will at least know when features will not be ready in time (for example, Challenged ballots for the upcoming City of Allen election).
 To followup:
Timeline has changed -
election is now sst for July 22  -  
Hmmm.  I liked August better.  :-)
Gems Training and ballot layout to printer June 30 with write-ins  
Make sure to review the "missing features" section of GEMS 1.9.6 announcement.  Write-ins are not fully implemented on the AccuVote-TS yet.  We can count write-ins, but we have no way of reporting what the voters type in as their write-in candidates.  This feature is a high priority though, and should be ready in time for the July 22 deadline (although I would expect some late upgrades).
If there are any other features that are missing but required for this test election, be sure to follow up.
more details will be available as they are scheduled.
Please post the mundane election stats.  How many races, cards, report precincts, languages, vote centers, and AccuVote-TS units?