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Multiple uploads with no reset Fw: GEMS software versions

The City of Ottawa (GEMS-1-5-10) has reported that
When downloading to Memory Card the Program Memory Card screen changes the
status from Modem to Accu-Vote.

I have tried to duplicate this without
success using GEMS 1-7-5.

They also reported when uploading in the Receive Election Results screen
that the status changes to Accu-Vote from modem after the first

In fact it does and locks out any further uploads from other Accu-Votes at
different locations.  It appears that it retains the phone line and allows
successive Memory Cards to uploaded without having to redial.

The port must be highlighted, then the Stop key clicked, highlighted again
then Start to re-activate for the next reception.

There does not seem to be any process to terminate the mult-card upload and
reset for the next Accu-Vote.

Greg Forsythe

-----Original Message-----
From: Black, Cathy <BlackC@city.ottawa.on.ca>
To: 'Greg Forsythe' <jgforsyt@netcom.ca>
Cc: Bergeron, Guy <BergeronG@city.ottawa.on.ca>
Date: March 29, 1999 3:08 PM
Subject: GEMS software versions

>Hi Greg
>Further to our recent discussions today, this will confirm that I have
>requested confirmation from Global (in writing) that version 1.5.10 of the
>GEMS software will perform as expected on Voting Day, Tuesday, April 6th.
>If Global feels that it would be in our best interests to upgrade to the
>1.7.4 version of GEMS, I would also request receipt of the reasons why it
>felt necessary to change the software this late in the process.
>Because of the four day Easter Weekend, I am distributing my accu-votes on
>Wednesday, March 31.  I would like to have this matter resolved prior to my
>distribution of the accu-votes.
>Thank you for your attention to this matter.