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Fwd: Manually typeset ballots

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In a message dated 3/17/99 9:11:41 AM Pacific Standard Time, tiredale@gesn.com

<< GEMS doesn't have any facilities for this currently.  The two obvious
questions are 
         1.. Do we want to support this? 
 This would be a nice feature to have since it would allow us to tell
customers who have weird layouts that they can manually lay the ballots out,
BUT I would not suggest doing it until we get some very solid demand from the
support and or sales group   >>

I would ask the question as follows: in New York and Conn., do the printers
now "typeset" the artwork?  In other words, are the layouts so weird that no
one has automated, and therefore there is little expectation of automation.
This would be to good to hope for I'm sure.  But if so, perhaps GEMS could
simply allow you to lay out the oval positions without the rest of the ballot
artwork and link the oval to the race/candidate position in some manner.  What
is the history behind the GRID system?  Lever Machines?  Any chance of getting
changes made by doing presentation to SOS offices to show them benefits of the
way we do this?  I know I'm probably way out of touch with this, but I'd like
to hear from the sales side what the background to this is.
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