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RE: Manually typeset ballots

Thanks, Frank.  It helps a lot.  Do you remember who did the ballot layout
for the demonstration?  What do you and the other sales people think of the
importance of this feature (read:  what kind of raise am I going to get from
all the added sales)?  Is it a statute that demands this layout, or do these
New England states just like it that way because of their lever machine
equipment?  I hear there is a "full face" statute that all races be on one
side of the ballot in New York at least.

Are all these states handled through dealers?  Is it reasonable that these
ballots be layed out manually?  What are our competitors doing in these
states for ballot layout?

Sorry for all the questions, but I didn't have any idea they did it this way
back east until yesterday, and I don't really know where to put this in the
priority queue currently.


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> If it helps as background information -
> We had ballots done in New England ( Mass, Conn, NY) as
> demonstration of the
> landscape look for AccuVote ballots.  We never ran any real elections.
> This lay out comes from the traditional AVM lever machine look of ballots.
> ex:Boston, Conn.   Parties are usually placed down the left hand side, and
> races along top.
> I seem to recall a ballot lay out as a demonstration in Michigan
> some years
> ago.
> Again, I don't believe we ran any real elections.
> Hope this helps.
> - Frank