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Re: AccuTouch 3-1-2 - Bugs

>There are a couple of little problems with the newest 3-1-2 code for
AccuTouch.  1) The newest code for Ballot Station has the problem that when
the system is shut down for any reason, and then powered back up, the
election is not present on the Admin screen to be able to continue voting.

I will look into what changed here and get it fixed.

> 2) The transfer process is capable of uploading the results more than
once, so if another precinct uploads all results after everyone else has,
then all precincts are set back to zero.

I will look into how to prefine the precinct to upload so the use does not
upload all precincts.

>Here for the City of Belmont, NC, I am using the latest 3-1-2 version for
the Poll Book software, and I am using the 3-0-2 version for Ballot Station
which we used in Piedmont, CA.  Everything has tested OK at this time.  This
shouldn't be a problem using the 3-0-2 version for Ballot Station, should
it??  Again, the only problem that could happen, would be uploading totals
more than once from a precinct, since in Belmont they are transferring
everything via modem.

There will be a problem if you attempt to do modem transfers from the
BallotStation since the 3-0-2 does not have the fixes to transfer the data
to GEMS correctly.