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Re: 1.94w firmware test

  • Memory cards programmed in 1.94x fed into a 1.95d AccuVote result in 'Please Re-Insert Memory Card' on several passes.  The memory cards may be successfully cleared using the 1.95d firmware in the Memory Card Test in Diagnostics Mode.
  From the inception of 1.95 we haven't worried about compatibility with 1.94 memory cards and therefore they will not recognize the other's memory cards as formatted.  With version 2 we are working on a mechanism that will allow the Accu-Vote to at least recognize that a memory card is formatted for an incompatible version (although it still won't recognize 1.9x memory cards).
This is not an issue about memory card compatibility.  The problem is that the message "Please Re-Insert Memory Card" is not what is expected. What should be displayed is 'Ok To Format'.  This problem is due to the fact that the REVISION string on the memory card is the same for 1.94 and 1.95 which is incorrect.