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AccuTouch database for City of Belmont, NC

Hi Tab and Tom,

I have all the data converted to Rich Text, and Ballot Station works fine - both voting and reporting.  I have one problem though, I am not able to do a Transfer Files via Network or Modem to the Gems database.  I am assuming that the last time you had to do some sort of magic for the two databases to be able to communicate.  Could you look into this.  I have put up on the FTP site under pub\incoming the two databases - Belmont-NC-3-11-99 with a password of mbczq25yjl9 for Gems, and AT-Belmont-3-11-99 with a password of qzce5thmkp9 for AccuTouch.  When I go to do the transfer via Network or Modem I get the error - Invalid result file from Accu-Touch # 111120 sequence 1 is invalid and should be reloaded.  Do you wish to continue without this file?  Then when it does try to transfer, it gets - Wrong Election.


Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems