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Re: 1.95d firmware test revisited

  • Powering the AccuVote off at the end of Election Mode and on again in order to bring it into Post-Election Mode causes 'Print Election Results Report' to be erroneously displayed before 'Send Results by Telephone', followed by 'Send Results by Direct Mode' and 'Print Election Results Report' again.  'Send Results by Telephone' subsequently correctly appears at the beginning of the Post-Election Mode prompt cycle.
It sounds like it is operating as designed - please confirm.  From the release notes for 1.94r released 98-6-23:
  • Offer to reprint the election results report if the report wasn't confirmed before turning the Accu-Vote off after the ender card in election mode. Since this report is "required", we require the operator to "confirm" that the report printed successfully by pressing NO to the prompt: "NEED ANOTHER PRINTOUT?". If not confirmed, the operator is prompted with "REPRINT ELECTION RESULTS REPORT?" upon entering the post-election mode. Responding with NO is treated as confirmation that the report has been printed successfully.
  • A newly programmed memory card is taken into Supervisor Functions in Pre-Election Mode, memory card duplication requested and the AccuVote powered off when the 'Insert Blank Memory Card' prompt is displayed.  After powering the unit on the long Zero Totals report is printed with 'Copies Made' erroneously set to 1
The "Copies Made" counter is incremented at the time that you select to duplicate the card.  If you fail to complete the duplication, there is no way for the Accu-Vote to determine that that is the case since either you remove the memory card being duplicated or power off the Accu-Vote.  In order to guarantee that the count is correct, we would require either that the original memory card be re-inserted after the duplication is complete without powering off the Accu-Vote or that we have 2 memory card slots and require that the original memory card remain installed throughout the process.  In short, the copies count is really a count of duplications initiated.
  • this is probably of little importance, but pressing both the YES and NO buttons causes overvoted and blank voted ballots to be returned with the corresponding messages - I seem to recall in testing some 1.94x firmware that the override effect would persist when pressing both YES and NO
Sorry but I don't have the same recollection (not that that means much!)  We use pressing the YES and NO buttons simultaneously as the "secret" requirement for accepting the Ender Card.  If we were to accept the same for reject overrides, then people that should be able to do overrides but should not be able to accept Ender Cards would learn that YES+NO does it all.  Admittedly this kind of secret is very weak and is as easily forgotten by those who should know as anybody but it beats having to enter Supervisor Mode.
  • after downloading a memory card, the Unvoted and Fully Voted Ballot Tests are performed, then the Zero Totals report printed and ballots fed in Count Test - the Audit report subsequently indicates that a Download Zero report has been printed (as opposed to a Test Zero report)
I'll look into this.  Anybody worried about getting this into the upcoming 1.95d/1.94w releases?  It could be in the Accu-Basic reports themselves.

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