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Re: The Accu-Vote YES and NO

>In a message dated 3/4/99 10:22:29 AM Pacific Standard Time, ian@gesn.com
><< We tried from the beginning to use GREEN and RED for the YES and NO buttons
> but we were stopped due to political party color favoritism issues.  The
> system had to look as unbiased as possible.  Go figure. >>
>How about having an option of black or ONE other color of keys, in case the
>county, which would be most of them, don't care.
Global has to manufacture to a standard.  Non-standard items can be ordered and installed by customers on site.  I don't care if they paint the Accu-Vote unit RED, but if they want warranty coverage and support, then the unit has to conform to a standard flavor that Global produces (i.e., infra-red/visible light and modem/non-modem).
I can see a  huge can of worms opening up here if we start producing units with a mulitiude of variations and having the customer expect us to support each of these mods.
If the company wants to change something on the hardware, then put a request through to rcr@gesn.com .  We will discuss the feature and have it agreed to by all departments before committing money and effort to changing our manufacturing standard.