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Postscript Driver installation

To all those who would like to use the postscript drive on our ftp site, or any other postscript driver from Adobe.
Adobe has released a revised postscript drive for use on Win NT 4.0 and later.  This drive supports Postscript Level 2 and 3 printers, which is what most of our current printing companies use and even those with Level 1 printers seem to be okay with the output from this driver.
 To install printers to use the new driver do the following:
1) Download from our ftp://ftp.gesn.com/pub/util/Adobe the aps5eng.zip file.
2) Download the ppd file for the printer you are installing. 
    The Lh_630GES.ppd on our ftp site is to support Linotype 630 printers with a customized 11x22 paper size for printing 18" ballots.
    Other ppd's can be downloaded from www.adobe.com.
3) Unzip the aps5eng.zip file and run the setup program.
4) Following the instructions for installing the printer using the ppd you just downloaded.