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Beta 1.94w replaces scrolling race title.

  A Beta release of 1.94w is now available from McKinney.  This replaces the unpopular scrolling race title in reject messages with a truncated race title of the form:


  Remember that the old pre 1.94v display was of the form:

RACE # 123

  While the truncated race title will at times be ambiguous (i.e. getting the same text for different titles) and at times be hard to recognize, it still displays the race number and should be more helpful than the old display without changing the Accu-Vote's behaviour.

  Feel free to order your samples and check it out for yourself.  At this time I don't know when we will issue a general release but it will likely be soon so reply to this message with your comments ASAP.


Guy Lancaster <glanca@gesn.com>
Global Election Systems Inc., Victoria, B.C., Canada
Phone: (250)995-8627