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RE: Prelim 1.95d Testing

Initial Conclusions/Observations  based on LIMITED preliminary testing:
Download works on 1-5-9  not 1-5-2  (interim releases not tested)  

Right, 1.95 download vote center label first appeared in 1.5.3.  I have fixed the readme.

Reject blank ballot setting not operational
Observed no change is LCD display for overvoted races from previous releases  

Right.  Guy sent a message out to support last week I think explaining that 1.95d is based on 1.94u.  I assume a 1.95e will appear once the 1.94v reject behavior is resolved.

Here is some additional 1.95 testing that needs doing (Nel/Tari):



Okay, you have switched gears to GEMS here right? 

 Joe Dimaggio NOT in bold - had 1 of 2 votes

All tapes, reports and report parameters are available if needed.

Email the database to Whitman and he'll check out the bolding problems.  The rule is supposed to be that only the definate winners are bolded.  So, if there are two candidates and a vote for two, and they are tied, then neither should be bold. 

Great work Tari.  You da man! (er, woman!)