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Piedmont Election - Transferring Totals Via Network & Modeming & Results


I can transfer via network now, thanks for the fix.

Here are my latest findings with the new updates:
Even though the ticker tape coming from the Ballot Station states that we have 12 Blank Votes, it is recording these votes as Under Votes within Gems not Blank Votes.
Also, within the Gems reporting, Ballots Cast is not counting all ballots including UV, OV, and Blank, just Total Votes.  Again this info coming from Ballot Station.
Ballot Station software still does not have the option to transfer to Disk.  I can utilize the previous software that Tom gave me, but this software does not have the Clear Totals function.

I am assuming that the transfer via Modem will work, but I currently do not have the RAS set up properly for either my Server or the Accu-Touch machine.  Any suggestions???

I will be in route to Alameda tomorrow, but I will have my laptop, so any software changes I can get via e-mail.


Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems