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Re: Accu-Vote Beta Release 1.95d

SKGLOBAL@aol.com wrote:
Is there a new Abasic report that provides precinct totals at top with summary
detail for the polling place?  Is it on the FTP site?
  Yes there is, 195anoka.zip in the GEMSFix directory contains 195anoka.abo and the abasic.ini file that GEMS needs to support downloading this abo file.  The ini file should replace the one found in the GEMS directory and the abo file should be placed in the GEMS/ABasic directory.  This abo file only works with 1.95d and later ROMS which only work with a yet to be released version of GEMS and it prints the voting center name on the memory card label, the precinct names in the precinct results headers, and prints candidates in rotated order if the race is rotated on the ballot.  It also prints a statistics form to be completed by the poll workers and the very long Election Judge Oath of Office.

  I'm curious about your curiosity though Steve.  Are you involved in Minnesota elections?

Guy Lancaster <glanca@gesn.com>
Global Election Systems Inc., Victoria, B.C., Canada
Phone: (250)995-8627