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Re: Expense reports

What happens when you forget to get a receipt, as has happened with every one of us.  Often we then send in a Visa monthly bill?  If that's not acceptable, then you are saying the employee is responsible for the payment?
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Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2001 1:17 PM
Subject: Expense reports

The new procedure is copied below.  In essence I will review in detail all expense reports starting today before I send to Patt to draft the check.  Patt spends an enormous amount of time reconciling these things, needless to say I don’t have the time nor will I take the time she does.  Please make sure they are correct, accurate and everything is documented and supported.  If anything is lacking, I will send back for correction.


Below is a copy of the memo from Mike to me.  I will greatly appreciate your cooperation in following this new procedure.  Please file your reports weekly as I will have a better chance to review than if several weeks come in at once.


Thanks in advance.



Expense Reporting.  Effective immediately we will follow the procedure outlined as follows:


All expense reports relating to people who report to you (Barry) must be approved by you prior to submission to accounting.


Make sure expense reports are filled out in their entirety including:


             Receipts for all expenses

                Originals where at all possible

                Itemized expenses such as hotel bills not just the credit card receipts

                Complete invoices in seeking reimbursement for such items as phone bills

             Airline itineraries for all air travel, used and non-used  (This is an accounting nightmare.  Please include all ticket itineraries that are used, changes and not used.)

             Business purpose listed for all business expenses and trips


All expenses should be reasonable business expenses.  The company's money should be spent as if it were your own.  If there are questionable expenses, I will disallow.


Only expenses that are deductible for tax purposes will be accepted for reimbursement.  If you are interested in a guideline, please refer to www.irs.gov and publication 463, Travel, Entertainment, Gift and Car Expenses.  If an expense is questionable, an employee, when possible, should seek clarification in advance if an expense will be acceptable.



If an expense report is not complete, Patt is instructed to return it to the vice president to whom the employee reports.


This is a change from the past where expense reports have been sent to accounting for checking, finding airline itineraries, etc.  By having the reports go to you vs. accounting we will skip a step of sending them to accounting back to you and back to accounting.


Please let your people know the new procedure.  Thanks.




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