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RE: Law text used

Since they are changing their electoral law, would now be a good time to lobby for changes to some of their provisions so they better match our system?  This has the dual advantage of making their elections easier for them to run, and locking out competitors systems that don't match ours.  I understand this was standard practice as CES.
From: Juan A. Rivera [mailto:jrglobal@prw.net]
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 3:36 PM
To: Salestalk@dieboldes.com
Cc: Robert Pickett
Subject: Law text used

Hi all,
I need a blurb of text used some ware in the US that was used to change a non machine paper ballots system to the use of Accuvote as part of the paper ballot system. Since Puerto Rico will write this into law within the next days I have been asked by the senators if we can provide a sample text of how this was done else ware.  Puerto Rico's civil law is similar to California and their criminal law is similar to Florida. So, I have been told that either of these states will be fine for PR
I need this ASAP, need to submit to legislative calendar late this week or early next.