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Re: Election Reporting System

EMS is the former BRC software along with ETP and AERO that is used for punch card, Optech and Eagles.  This software is not in jeodpardy with the State of Texas.

I have just today heard that Dallas may not be effected since they are the new  AIS100 units and are using a certified version of software specifically designed to merge the Votronic and 100 results and do the reporting.  I have now been told that only the 115's and 400's are at risk.  These are the older former AIS optical scan units.

Yes, the ballots can be counted precinct by precinct, however, the ERS (election reporting system) is the host PC cumulation and reporting product.  If ES&S does not get re-certified prior to the March 14th Primary election (we have a early January certification hearing), then there will be a lot of counties manually adding the precinct returns on a spreadsheet and typing their election reports to the State.

Greg Forsythe wrote:

  What is the name of ES&S's election software? What is EMS (Election Management System) in relation to ERS (Election Reporting System) How serious is the Texas de-certification of ERS for ES&S and will Dallas County continue to run elections or are they shutdown until re-certification?

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