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Re: 32 k Memory Cards

I understand we are coming to the end of the 32 k Memory Card. 
We still have stock on about 3000   32KB memory cards.
 Future shipments will be 128 k.
Not until we run out of 32KB cards.
Customers with 32 k Cards on hand ordering more Accu-Votes will be getting 128 k Cards and mixing them with the 32 k Cards.
What are the considerations if the 32k and the 128 k Cards are mixed?
I don't know.  Perhaps Guy or Ken could expound on that.
Is there an increase in Cost/Selling?
Yes.  The new 128KB cards will be less expensive than the current 128KB cards but more expensive than the 32KB cards.
Can you forecast when supply and demand will make this happen?
That is very much dependent on how fast the sales force sells AccuVotes and extra memory cards.
Should we be quoting the increased selling price (if any) for the 128k Card?
Global will issue an announcement to the Sales staff when this is necessary.