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RE: Facility to modify country flag on voter card

Acknowledged Greg, sorry for the delay in responding.  I know this is important.  Canadian voters want to see the Stars and Stripes on the opening screen about as much as Americans want to see a Maple Leaf.
Right now crux of the problem is that there is no way in GEMS to define the opening graphic.  It is not part of the download protocol currently.  Probably a new TSText entry is the way to go here.  One technical obstacle is getting the Canadian graphic.  Attached is the US one for the Photoshop-inclined among you.  Send me the Canadian graphic, (or the California graphic for that matter) and I'll see what I can do.  Maintain the format (bmp), size (420x350), and color depth (8-bit).
In the mean time, how strong an opposition am I facing if we make the default screen a little less nationalistic?  Maybe we could use the new Global logo or something (or nothing)?  I'll bend like a reed if folks feel strong about maintaining the current default.  I am back in Canada now, and therefore no longer armed, so I won't argue a lot about keeping the current graphic intact.  You may leave the sixth fleet in port.
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Is the BS 4.0.x file with the hand holding the American flag available for modification.  Need to delete flag for Canadian purposes.
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Subject: Facility to modify country flag on voter card

It would be useful to have a list of country flags or emblems to choose from for the hand holding the voter card.

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