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RE: Permanent counter for the Accu-Vote OS

From: owner-rcr@dieboldes.com [mailto:owner-rcr@dieboldes.com]On Behalf Of Guy Lancaster
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 12:58 PM

Iff the solution was to use a Dallas RAM socket product that provides battery backup for one of the AV's RAM chips, then we could save whatever we wanted in that space.  This would be a natural place to store timezone information that would allow us automatically handle daylight savings time.  

You'd store the TZ on the memory card.  It sounds like the TZ is a completely orthoganal issue here (I thought you were using the RTC chip somehow), so lets drop it from this thread. 

Of course there are some technical hurdles to address before getting too excited about this and I haven't been convinced that a number stored in battery backed RAM would meet the NY state requirements for a permanent counter.  It's just the only idea that I've had so far in how we might handle this. 

95% of the answer to that is how we sell it to the cert people.  Don't try to apply too much logic to these kinds of requirments.  They aren't logical to start. 

As for effort, it would require major restructuring of the AV's firmware and complete system testing.  I should sit down with Tab and work out some details before estimating the effort involved.  Off the top of my head I suggested that Greg think on the order of $20K for software development.  

Fair enough.  I look forward to reading your synopsis on devel.