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RE: Read headers in VIBS

I'm not sure what you mean "support" precinct names.   
I mean, perform the same function as the @precinct macro under VIBS.
They ususally just give it a temporary number.  No voter is going to know what their temporary consolidated precinct number is.   
There are places like Minnesota who seem to regard the ability to print the precinct name(s) in the header as some kind of critical feature.  There was an RCR from them a while back that is still outstanding regarding printing precinct names even when using sequence numbers.
I have discussed this with a couple of people, and the consensus seems to be that since there is no (known) statutory requirements, we'll punt on this for now.  There aren't enough VIBS voters (or accounts) to warrant the burden of supporting audio for the precinct name, for now at least.  I'd add its pretty easy to fake in a sales demo too.
Not to let this discussion overshadow the main point of this RCR however.  We can support headers notwithstanding the @precinct macro problem without difficulty.