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RE: RCR - VIBS Full Race Reading


 [posted on behalf of Phil Scruggs @ Soza]

Issue: This RCR is to change the VIBS software so that the full race has to be read before the voter can cast a vote. Currently, when a voter makes a selection the remainder of the race is not read. This may led to problems in that the last candidate might complaint that their name might not be read.


I have done a quick review of this, and have hit a snag.  Currently the VIBS AVTS splits up races with more than seven candidates into "blocks".  If there are 20 candidates, say, it doesn't seem reasonable to make them listen to all 20 before they can cast a vote.  The first candidates will be long forgotten.

What, exactly, should the "full face reading" behavior be in the case that there are more than seven candidates?