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RE: Result Client Modification

Hamilton County would not approve a $20,000 program enhancement,
Not unexpected.
but would probably approve a $2,000 to $2,500 charge.   
$2000 is the kind of sum we want to be thinking about as an exploratory retainer.  $2k projects (day or two) tend to just get done.  This isn't one of those projects.
If we advertise the enhancement or module is available
I think you mean could be available.  If this were already a GEMS feature, there would be no reason for them to pay $2k or any other figure.
I would doubt that we would not have several counties desiring such for a charge of $2,000 to $2,500.
I am sure you are right, and I think this one of the lessons here.  If we can find six or eight counties willing to pay $2.5k for this, it would certainly be worth doing as a priority.
I have to say though, $2.5k times eight sounds like a hard way to make a buck.  It would be better to concentrate on $30k times two projects instead I think.
(enhancements if applicable to all users are normally not charged for)
This is true as a statement, but incomplete.  These enhancements are neither charged for, nor obliged.
It is worth keeping prospective here though.  The suggestion is a good one, and it is now on the development plate.  I have no doubt that this request will one day find its way into GEMS and JResults.  Just not Aug 3.