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SOVC by District


To: RCRTrack (Ken Clark, Tab Iredale)

From: Steve Knecht

Re: SOVC totals by District

In addition to the regular request to get a horizontal line of absentee, polling place, and totals on the SOVC the following is not an OPTIONAL report for California Counties.  I've faxed an example of what I'm talking about to TAB and KEN.

I am faxing this copy of the SOVC automated report that came from Marin’s prior vote counting system from DFM. DIMS has one like this. It gives the candidate and questions across the top and totals only by:


State Senate



Incorporated (Cities)


THIS IS NOT AN OPTIONAL REPORT. It is required by the Secretary of State’s office from all California Counties, including Global customers. Presently, our customers are printing (in this case) 21 summary reports and then filling in with a typewriter the totals for each candidate and race on a seperate spreadsheet to meet the secretary of state requirements.  Obviously, this is not acceptable.

Our SOVC must have an option that provides for these totals by district in a single report. This supplemental SOVC totals report does not have to be by precinct, just by the above district with totals only - but IT IS A REQUIRMENT. This was needed for last November and for this primary in March. It's got to be implement for the November Presidential Election as a single report for California Counties (see fax to tab and ken for sample).