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RE: AVTS - Text & Background colors for Headers, Races, Candidates, & Buttons


> > Have the capability of being able to change the color of text and the
> > background for Headers, Races, & Candidates.

Okay, background color is also now implemented.

There is a design issue here that needs addressing though.  One of the primary requirements of supporting TS elections though GEMS was "enter data once".  With colors implemented, you now get really pretty colored paper ballots with the colors of the AccuVote-TS screen, but with an AccuVote-OS motif.  This is cute if you are happy to print color postscript, but that is really not what most people want.

There is really no clean solution to this since the "enter once" and "look different" requirements are directly at odds.  Best we can do is try to handle the common cases with some more options.  I'll add "force black text" and "force transparent background" as new ballot options to handle this.

One final note, we have never done color postscript ballots before that I am aware of.  This is a complete shift away from the "plate" paradigm.  People that would like to create rainbow themed ballots should send some samples to their printer in advance to work out the kinks (knock yourself out Greg).