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RE: Voting Position on the Right for TS

From: Greg Forsythe [mailto:gfglobal@earthlink.net] 
Request that the AVTS have an option for voting on the right side of the candidate's name.  The Ontario Election Act states that the voting position must be placed to the right of the candidate's name.
This is complete.
This kind drawing options are (often) not difficult, but they require a major version number bump for GEMS and TS.  The GEMS database, TS database, and download protocol all change to store and transfer the new options. 
We renew our call for whatever other drawing options people would like to see in the AccuVote-TS.  There was not much of a response last time it came up.  We want to get whatever other options people want into the next major release as well. 
TS 1.13 will be released with the vote position on right after the other options are complete, or in time for Barrie Ontario to ship, whatever comes first.