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Re: ability to clear one precinct in a multiprecinct vote center

make it part of supervisor - but also prompt that card has been uploaded ...
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From: Guy Lancaster <glanca@dieboldes.com>
To: rcr@dieboldes.com <rcr@dieboldes.com>
Date: Monday, March 20, 2000 2:00 PM
Subject: Re: ability to clear one precinct in a multiprecinct vote center

1) What do we do about the public ballot counter and the card counters (which are not uploaded but which appear on the AV reports)?  a) Leave as is, b) reset them to zero, or c) try to adjust them for the cleared ballots (not possible if ballots are shared between precincts).

after you clear a precinct (assumming you are still in election mode) and signal to recount the precinct a new zero tape would print ( for that precinct )  locking any activity out to the other precincts already counted- then you would count the precinct again - feed ender card and get results -  then proceed with regular upload - does that sound feasible ?

  A new zero tape for the clear precinct(s) and locking out activity for the other precincts would be *very* difficult and would require changes to the memory card format.  This is really sounding like we should be downloading a new memory card for this recount which was my original suggestion.
Should we warn that this should be done only on a backup copy? can this be uploaded easily?
  Memory card duplicates should upload the same as the original.
4) When is this *required*?  ideally I would love to have some testing time before the november elections - End of June would allow all of July to test and give us leeway before november art goes to printers .
  So I'll see what I can work in to V2.
[Skip the rest unless you're keen on the details.]

For the prompt sequence, how about:


put in something that tells us - Card uploaded ok to clear counters?

  Are you suggesting that this be part of the standard post-election options rather than a supervisor function?  In the supervisor functions we only display those options that are reasonable for the current memory card status.  Thus we could display the clear counter option only if the memory card had been uploaded.  Would this be reasonable?