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RE: ability to clear one precinct in a multiprecinct vote center

From: Tari Runyan [mailto:tprunyan@techline.com] 
I have had several requests from clients that we be able to clear one precinct in a vote center that has 2 or more precincts in it -  Is this possible for us to do??
From: Ken Clark <ken@dieboldes.com> 
Could you give some context as to what circumstances they want to do this? 
From: Tari Runyan [mailto:tprunyan@techline.com] 
There are times that only one precinct in a vote center is off (+ or - ) and they only need to recount one precinct and because it is in a multiple precinct vote center they have to recount all the precincts when they only want to do one -  this occurs mainly in the early voting and polling vote centers where the humans haven't followed the directions and therefore the count is off -   
If you clear the AccuVote counts and re-feed you will be clearing every precinct on that card.  Perhaps I misunderstood your first message.  Do you want to clear one precinct on the AccuVote?  Again, possible, but how would you like that to work?  Feed a precinct header card to indicate which precinct to clear or something?