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RE: Michigan Certification Requirement

To pass Michigan certification on the Accu-vote-TS, the following must be done.
Michigan allows write-in candidates.  They also require their poll workers to count and resolve all issues at the precinct before the results can be sent in to central headquarters.  This also means counting of all write-ins.  In a race for more than one, our current system does not flag or keep a voter from voting a write-in name more than once.  Bob U. said that a touchscreen system that is certified in Michigan is tying the write-ins with each ballot, so when printing out results, they the poll workers can identify if a voter voted the same name more than once in a write-in position in that race.  So in the reporting feature, when printing results on the Accu-vote-TS, we need to attach a ballot number to the write-in names.  If you have any questions on this please call me or Bob U.. 
Okay.  If I understand correctly, you would like a ballot id in addition to the race id attached to the write-ins on the result tape.  Correct?  Are there any other modifications required in the behavior of the software?  What exactly do the poll workers do with the write-in totals once they are counted?
Thanks for submitting this RCR Don.  By a complete coincidence I am designing the GEMS database for write-ins today, and I had not thought about the voting for the same write-in candidate twice issue.  I will put the ballot id to the write-in table on GEMS as well, for jurisdictions that don't count the write-ins at the polls.