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RE: Gems - Merging of totals from old I-Mark software


> The capability of Gems to be able to merge the results from the
> old I-Mark software.  The state of Tennessee is only certified
> with the old I-Mark software, as well as, the old Touch Systems
> AVTS units.  Hence, we will need to run both the old I-Mark
> software for the AVTS units, and the Gems software for the Postal
> Ballots, and then merge the two different systems totals. 
> Jeff Hintz
> Global Election Systems

This is now complete.  It will be in GEMS 1.11.6 when it is released.  Jeff, I will send you a pre-release for testing today.  Since this feature is only useful for Shelby, we'll hold off on a general release for now.

To set up a database for importing IMARK results, you need to:

There is now a new menu item under "File" called "Import IMARK results".  It pops up a dialog where you select the vote center to count the totals into (the default VC above), and the IMARK mdb to import from.  Select the IMPORT button and it will do the rest.