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AccuVote-TS "Don't erase Voter Card" mode

We will be putting two or three units into Santa Barbara this November as a "proof of concept".  My idea is to do their ballot, with a few informational questions at the end of the ballot regarding ease of use etc.  It is important that this be easy for them to use and NOT require running pollbook in real-time mode.
The idea is to create the database, create about 10 voter cards for each of the six ballot styles, but NOT have the cards need to be reburned, rather they could simply be re-used, thereby avoiding use of the pollbook.
RCR Request:  Could the next Rev. of the AVTS software include a flag that would allow the voter cards to be reused or NOT wiped out by the AccuVote-TS.  We would need this for delivery to Santa Barbara by last week in Sept., units loaded.