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RE: AVTS & Gems - Audit Logs

> If you are able to create an audit log with the date and time
> that the election was started and ended, that probably will
> suffice.

Okay.  We could upload to GEMS these times, and create a report that shows
vote centers with openening and closing times.  I still ask though, what
does an administrator do with this report?  Poll 13543 opened at 7:27:AM and
poll 13544 opened at 7:32AM.  Does 13543 win a prize?

> However, this log also produces error messages to the
> Administrator if they should occur.  We probably need to check
> the FEC guidelines on what the rules are for DRE machines.  I
> don't think that I-Mark would of gone and created all these logs
> if it was not necessary.

You misunderstand.  The ballot station will still have a log, just like the
AccuVote.  In the event of an error, that unit's logs can be examined
post-mortem to aid debugging.  The only issue is whether the logs of all
machines should be uploaded election night.