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RE: AccuVote-TS - VoterCard.dll

> For Wyle Certification & for our own testing we need a Test -
> VoterCard.dll that will enable TS unit to run Microsoft Visual
> Test scripts without the having to repeatedly insert a Voter
> Card.  I am currently working on the Microsoft Visual Test
> scripts, but until I have this new VoterCard.dll, I have to keep
> using a card to access a ballot.

This is now implemented and will be in the next TS release.  That will be
some time this week, after a couple of other new features are complete.

To use the smart card emulation dialog, you need to change the voter card
com port (normally "COM3") to "NULL".  The dialog is just a set of fields
that are stored on the memory card.

Most of the fields are self explainatory.  The Type field stores the voter
card type.  The magic numbers are 1 for VOTER_CARD and 4 for ADMIN_CARD.
The Level123 fields store the *internal* level keys.  You can use MS-Access
to figure out the level keys you are interested in.  The default is "1",
which will get you the first ballot on most databases.