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RE: Tulare - Card Proof Date and Time

Good idea, not too hard to implement.  There is one small snag in that the concept of "proof" vs "official" is not well defined the the Print Artwork dialog.  We probably need a new check box that for proof ballots.  We do print "proof only" when we print card styles (non-rotated without precinct ids), but that would need to be extended to handle the Tulare request.
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Ken, I thought I'd forwarded the following several RCR's.  Let me know what you think.  I believe you want them one at a time though, so here are series of four items.
Item 1: "We need the date and time to print on the bottom of the card proofs when they are printed".
This seems fairly clear with purpose being that they want to distinguish between versions.  If you've got a suggestion without coding, let us know.