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Fw: ballot with races report

I haven't had a chance to thoroughly investigate but am hoping this is not a
bug -  it looks suspicious
running 1-17-21
db attached
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Sent: Monday, April 22, 2002 5:39 PM
Subject: ballot with races report

> Tari- I am working on documentation for my staff to assist with proofing
> and I think there is a problem with the Ballots with Races report.     The
> ballot and style are the same number but shouldn't they agree with the
> numbers on the ballot styles with ballots report, i..e  ballot style 1=
> ballot 122.    There is no ballot 1 in the system (because of rotations).
> In addition- the rotations are not correct.     If there are two
> - it is rotation 0 and 1.     This report shows rotations 1 when it should
> be 0 and 2 when it should be 1.    Also- we have 7 candidates in our judge
> of superior court race but only 5 rotations 0-4.    For judge it is
> indicating rotation 7 - which does not exist.      Am I reading this
> wrong or is it buggy?     Thanks Julie- let me know if I need to send a
> copy of our database.      Julie

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