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RE: if record with id greater than -2147483646 is created then next time you click 'add' the default label says Reportunit -2147483646 & has default id of -2147483646

From: owner-bugtrack@dieboldes.com [mailto:owner-bugtrack@dieboldes.com] On Behalf Of Ravina Dhami
Friday, April 26, 2002 9:30 AM



Our current bugtrack system consists of submitting email to an email address.  If additional information is found in relation to a bug, the original email cannot be retracted; a new one must be sent. 


A new one must be sent.  A new one does not need to be sent with a different subject line.  Reply-to is your friend.  Finishing up your investigation of a reticular phenomenon before posting a bugtrack is also a good idea.


This will not be an issue in the future, as we will be adopting a bug tracking system and will able to group related bug information together, regardless of when it is entered.


This might not be an issue in the future, depending on how the pilot project goes.


For this particular instance, I submitted 3 emails. 


…on one topic in a little under half an hour.


It is quite easy to see that all three are related. 




I will never just "throw out" additional information related to any bug.




I cannot always determine how much information is enough, as I am not the one writing the code.


This is where the common sense part kicks in.


It's a common misconception that pointing out bugs and oversights is an attack on the developers knowledge or coding ability. 


I wasn’t aware of this misconception.


We're a team that needs to work together to create the highest quality product.


That’s why they pay us the big bucks.