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RE: Ballot Station v4.0.11 "anomaly" and other JoCo questions

Hello Jeff,

R6 ERROR MESSAGES:  at the risk of contradicting...while we did not receive
error messages on the GEMS side, we did receive error messages on the
AVTS-R6 units during the upload using the Transfer function.  Specifically,
Connie then asked what she should do when the error message occurred and the
machine locked up.  I seem to remember that she was told to leave off the
machine she was working on and use the one next to it.  She and Kris
continued to receive error code messages during the upload, and moved around
through the three units as they were brought back up.  The next day Robert
Chen was able to recreate the error message once.  Since this was not
mentioned in the report, I am now being asked what the error messages were
and what they meant.

CENTRAL UPLOAD ONLY:  I am also concerned, because due to this incident,
JoCo is opting to NOT modem in results from regional substations, much less
precincts.  They are planning to set up parallel GEMS server systems to
upload all PC cards centrally, twice.  That way they have two reports from
the same data loaded into separate systems to compare and audit.  Is there
no way we can provide some kind of report off the Regional upload units that
can be compared to some kind of report from GEMS to be accountable that an
"anomaly" has NOT occurred?  What is our "standard" check and balance proof
for returns on election night?

ELECTION SETUP DATABASE TECH REVIEW:  During the discussions around the JoCo
April 2 election, I have come to understand that a "typical practice" used
by technical support reps is to review the customer's database prior to the
initial ballot order generation.  I understand that JoCo
(Connie/Kris/Debbie) sent you the May all-mail election database for review.
They were concerned that you turned around your comments back to them in
less that "5 minutes."  Exactly what in the database do we look for when
reviewing?  Are there certain checkpoints or typical mistakes that you look
for?  Do you run ballot styles off the database to make sure they work?  Do
we have a laundry list of review elements?  I am being asked to provide
documentation describing what our election setup database review covers, can
anybody help me with the basic elements?  How do we know a customers
database will actually perform as intended?  Do we also cover the election
night report styles the customer wants to generate election night so we can
make sure the database is setup to accommodate their expectations?  I'm just
trying to understand.

LOGIC AND ACCURACY PRETEST METHODOLOGY:  A reference has been made to be
sure that a regional upload client be sure to include that functionality in
the logic and accuracy pretest.  Do we have documentation on all the
functionalities that should be included in our logic and accuracy testing?
Is there a checklist to use to prepare the test and then to run the test?
For the optical scan test deck, why are we not sending out the algorithms
being used to created the test deck?  If we at least send out "how the test
was prepared" we could account for NOT sending out a "Test Deck Report" to
compare the L&A report to.

Thanks.  Les

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Hi Lesley,

There was no Error Message received for this problem that occurred on
Election Night.  The transferring of the results to the GEMS host computer
went through without any error messages displaying a problem.  The problem,
as Tab wrote up in the e-mail that Frank sent out to Connie, is that during
the direct transferring process, the information on the first Vote Center
that was transferred, was stored in the Cache memory of the AVTS unit, when
the second, or subsequent, Vote Center was inserted and then transferred,
the AVTS unit was then transferring those new totals, but with previously
stored Race ID's as well as the new Race ID's, and GEMS being confused,
simply put the totals into the Races where it thought the totals should go.

That is the best explanation that I can give you.  For a better and clearer
picture, you will have to refer to Ken or Tab.


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Subject: Ballot Station v4.0.11 "anomaly"

Jeff Hintz, Ken, Tab, or Robert Chen...

What were the ballot station error code messages that were received during
the central upload of the election day vote centers?  Johnson County still
has questions and I am trying to finalize the Report of Findings.  Also, can
you explain to me what the statement:

 "This problem only occurred when the second, or subsequent, Vote Centers
being uploaded during the same transmission session, had the same Race as a
previously uploaded Vote Center."

And, why would the Leawood Mayor's race, which was not on any of the vote
center PC cards uploading centrally, end up with errant votes?  And, where
did the 300 votes go that were not accounted for in the initially released

Can someone draw me a picture?

Thanks!  Les