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Pre Election Reports - hot keys only work the first time

Gems 1-18-9

>From the Pre-Election Reports Screen if you click on the one of the reports
with your mouse, and then use the hot keys to jump to reports it only works
the first time.

-  From the GEMS menu select 'Pre election Reports'
-  Click on the first report 'accuvote-os status by upload time report'
-  using your keyboard press the letter 'R'
-  It will highlight 'Race Report'
-  Press the letter 'R' again
-  It will jump to the next report starting with the letter 'R' which is
'Race Rotation Summary'
-  Press the letter 'B'

Actual Result:  It doesn't move to the Reports beginning with the letter B,
once you've used the hot keys once you are unable to use it again to move to
a different letter report.