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GEMS-1.17- Vote Center Properties Dialog allows invalid entries in Region and Filter

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GEMS, version 1.17 and later
When adding new Vote Center, three choices have to be made in three combo boxes:
1- Count Method.
2- Region.
3- Filter.
For the three of them, the user selects from an existing list entered through the Setup menu. Count Method combo box is a drop list, so the user can only select from whatever in there.
Region and Filter combo boxes are drop down, hence allowing the user to type in invalid values. When clicking OK while an invalid value is in one of the drop down combos, the system crashes.
Error Message:
Debug Assertion Failed.
Test Case:
This bug has been reproduced using different existing databases. (The bug is database independent, so no database is attached)
1- Open database.
2- Expand Vote Center tree, then one of the Vote Centers (let's say Polling Vote Center)
3- Type in anything in Filter or Region, let's say "XXX" (you will be allowed to do that if the version you are running has the bug)
4- Click ok.
5- Congratulations, you have just re-produced the bug. :-)