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BS NT 4.2.4 Display problem

GEMS 1.17.21
BS NT 4.2.4
Alameda County, CA

Green Party Central Committee race is being truncated; only the last 2
write-in positions are being displayed; race header and other candidates are
not shown; attaching screenshot.  Problem does not occur when magnify option
is used and does not occur when I run Ballot Station on my monitor's real
estate.  The race is a biggie: Vote for 8 with 16 candidates and 8

Seems to affect all ballots that contain that race.  Ballots:

Posting a copy of the gbf file and the current election folder to the ftp

alameda0302gbf.zip password: alamedaprimary2002
alameda0302currentelection.zip password: alamedaprimary2002

Early Voting started Feb 4.

Take care,

rob chen

AVTS Screenshot 09.jpg