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Fw: Failed to open AcmStream

GEMS 1-18-x    TSText1-18-x       Win2000
Whenever I try to save a recording I get the error "Failed to open acmStream".  This is the workaround.  I hope nobody else has this error, but if they do.......
Audio screen open, click
Record    records correctly, then click
Play         plays recording correctly, then try to save by clicking
OK           get error "Failed to open acmStream", try to listen to recording again and,
Play         error message "The MCI device you are using does not support the specified command."  OK, then click
Format    OK, accepted and Format screen disappears leaving
Audio      OK  and sound file is accepted.
Process to create and save a sound file is
Record -> Stop -> Play -> Format -> OK -> OK
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Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 5:58 PM
Subject: Failed to open AcmStream

Hey Rob
Can't save any sound files with this acmStream error.  Running GEMS-1-18-6, Windows 2000, Dell Optiplex GX1, Office 2000.  Don't know whether Office 2000 sr-1 has anything to fix this.  Appreciate your help.

Greg Forsythe
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