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Re: Open Primary - 1st Page Blank on AVTS

what's the password?
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 3:54 PM
Subject: Open Primary - 1st Page Blank on AVTS

I think that this is more of a layout problem with Open Primary Elections on the AVTS unit, then it is a bug, but I will post it anyway.
Attached is a database for an Open Primary Election.  The first 2 races on the ballot are the Republican Presidential Preference race and the Democratic Presidential Preference race, then come the Non-Partisan races.  Since the 2 party races are defined first, as what the customer wants and is delegated by law, when you choose the N.P. party on the AVTS, the 1st page is blank.  As would be expected, since all issues are on the ballot, the software is just allowing for the 2 party races first, and then continuing on with the N.P. races.  Is there a way to fix this???
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