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RE: Central Count problem

Posted on behalf of Robert Chen.
Jurisdiction: El Paso County, Colorado
Situation: The county was using central count to tabulate their vote-by-mail ballots (precincted absentees).  They had 4 central count decks (1457, 1470, 1471, 1472) which mysteriously did not make it into the GEMS database.  These decks were confirmed committed by their respective AccuVotes with a tape receipt and the poster shows that the decks were posted to the system.  El Paso only noticed that their decks did not make it into the GEMS database through their careful canvass process.
In the central count audit log, just after the posting of these 4 decks, an out of disk space error is present.  After speaking with Ken Clark, we think that the most likely senario is that these decks were not actually posted because the hard drive ran out of disk space.
I would suggest that we set up a test to try and reproduce the situation, central count, out of disk space, and see if we get the same behavior (i.e. AccuVote confirms posting, poster confirms posting, decks do not make it into the database).
If the behavior is reproduced, I suggest that the poster is able to somehow register an error message and inform the GEMS operator that the decks do not make it into the system. 
A copy of El Paso's database has been posted to the ftp site in the "incoming" directory as: "El Paso CO November 2001 Unofficial.zip" the password is: brown73
I am attaching copies of their poster log and their central count audit log.
Thanks and take care,
robert chen