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Problem with King County Rotation in GEMS 1.17.16.

GEMS 1.17.16
King County rotates their precinct ballots in a primary election but never their absentee ballots (rotation 0).  As a result two voter groups are created "Poll" ("rotate ballot" checked) and "Abs" ("rotate ballot" left blank).  When the King County Rotation is applied, those precincts assigned rotation 0 are not reported and/or handled correctly which could result in fewer precinct ballots (at the polls) with rotation 0. 
For example, consider the following reports:
    (1)    Reporting Precincts with Cards  (Printers uses this report)
            Precinct assigned a rotation > 0 (correct):
                ID        ReportPct            Card    Style    VGroup1    VGroup2
                1406    Sea 46-1408        2            2            NP        ABS      
                                                      241        2            NP        POL
            Precinct assigned rotation 0:           
                ID        ReportPct            Card    Style    VGroup1    VGroup2
                1408    Sea 34-1408        2            2            NP        ABS   (VGroup2 should be NP meaning ABS as well as POL or a separate entry for POL)
    (2)    Race Rotation with Precinct Detail by VCenter
            RaceID    RaceLabel    VGroup    Rotation    VC ID        VC Label        PctID        BasePctLabel        Voters
            10            Race-1        NP           0                                                                    Total                         3,072  (incorrect, should be 300,000+)
                                                             1                                                                    Total                      300,289
                                                             2                                                                    Total                      300,279
                                                             3                                                                    Total                      303,083
                                                                                                                                    Grand Total           906,723 (incorrect, should be 1,207,668)
    (3)    View Cards for Base Precinct in the List View.
            (Click base precinct in tree view.  Click card folder in the list view.)
            The card(s) displayed for a base precinct with rotation 0 are:
            Card     Card Style    Ballot    Parties        Absentee/NonAbsentee    Length
             2          2                 2           NP             ABS                                41          (Absentee/NonAbsentee should be NP to indicate ABS as well as POL)