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Re: Audit Log does not show Diagnostic test passed version 4.0.10

Section only requires "the production of a diagnostics test record indicating there are no hardware or software failures". To this end I have added a single record "System test passed" when we successfully open the election since the system will only be their if it has not detected any errors.
This will be in BS 4.0.11.
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From: Larry Dix
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2001 1:51 PM
Subject: Audit Log does not show Diagnostic test passed version 4.0.10

Posted on behalf of Jeff Hintz:


When turning on the R6 a message needs to be posted to audit log indicating that the machine has passed diagnostic test.  This was reported last week when Jeff was at Wyle labs, but Tab had requested additional information.  Jim Dearman makes reference to 2 sections of the FEC manual as they relate to this.  Section “System Readiness Audit Records” and Section “Tests at the Polling Place”


Example would be of what should be posted to audit log:


Printer test passed

Card reader test passed

Serial port test

Touch Screen Diagnostics passed

Identification of device and designated polling location

Software release number







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